Ground up

FNF offers new construction loan
financing that provides builders with a
straightforward, common sense lending program.
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Sensible, Simple FNF Loan

Fast Financing For a Fast-Paced Market

FNF has a built-out program and offers new construction loans and ground up construction loans when others may have been bulldozed by the market. FNF is still here.


What is a Ground Up loan?

A Ground Up New Construction Loan provides financing for builders looking to construct new residential properties. Our straightforward, common sense approach gets builders the financing they need to get a property ready for sale.

Who is the Ground Up program for?

The Ground Up New Construction Loan is for builders and investors who build new properties and need financing for land and new construction costs. FNF provides loans with terms up to 18 months for your Ground Up projects.

What kind of Ground Up projects does FNF cover?

The Ground Up program finances projects for residential real estate investment properties with loan amounts between $50,000 and $2 million.